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Sarguja Gramin Vikas Sansthan (SGVS) is a grassroot organization founded on Gandhian thoughts and principles by Shri Pratap Narayan Singh alias Pratap Bhai in the year 1991. A colleague of late Shri Prem Bhai of Banwasi Seva Ashram Govindpur, Dist.-Sonebhadra in UP, India Pratap Bhai was a diploma Civil Engineer and Science graduate (BSc). with Mathematics major. At Banwasi Sewa Ashram, Pratap Bhai worked from 1976 to 1989. Hunger, poverty, drought and malnutrition problems amongst the primitive tribes of Sarguja district drew the attention of Pratap Bhai towards Sarguja. In the year 1989, Pratap Bhai turned to Sarguja district and established Sarguja Gramin Vikas Sansthan in the year 1989 in a tribal village-Rajkheta of Wadrafnagar block of Sarguja district in Chhattisgarh which is surrounded by dense forest. Pratap Bhai could contribute his services with the organization since 1989 to beginning of 2009. However, on 4th February 2009 Shri Pratap Bhai while executing his regular work, met with a fatal road accident and succumbed to the injuries in Apollo hospital on 9th February 2009.

Shri Pratap Bhai became the beloved Samaritan and agent for positive change and development of Sarguja. Subsequently he set-up the voluntary agency famous by the name of Sarguja Gramin Vikas Sansthan. The lone Samaritan thereafter took-up many other related development activities over the period of 18 years in Sarguja district of Chhattisgarh State. He put in 30 years of his life in implementation of Rural Development initiatives under various programmes, development of natural resources- especially water resources, projects with activities of land development and soil conservation, sustainable agriculture, community organization. SGVS resultantly created livelihoods and employment for the rural masses. Under the leadership of Shri Pratap Bhai the organization has successfully completed some of 15 projects between 1991 and today. Some of these have evolved as famous models of development.

Pratap Bhai rewarded as the “Waterman of Chhattisgarh State” by Sh. Shubhanshu Choudhary (Ex- News reporter cum Journalist of BBC and member of CGNET) in his research article published in ‘Chhattisgarh’ daily newspaper on 6th January 2007. The offerings of Shri Pratap Bhai have become extremely significant and outstandingly irreplaceable for the people of Sarguja. The organization recommended for "National Water Award" by the District Collector of Surguja to the Govt. of India during last year. The works continue and need to be continued since the goal complete.

The organization has set 3 model watershed based projects in its 19 year's of journey with the financial support of The Canadian High Commission, AFPRO New Delhi and CAPART New Delhi. However, the organization is known for its specialization in watershed works but besides watershed, the organization has successfully implemented vocation training programme (IGSSS New Delhi & FVTRS Bangalore Supported) and made employed/self-employed to about 240 tribal educated youths of Sarguja district. The organization successfully executed the Chhattisgarh District Povety Reduction Programme (The World Bank & GOI sponsored) in 1 block of Sarguja district and got pleasure appreciations from Govt. of C.G. and The team members of the World Bank during their visit to the field. Addition to this, the organization successfully executed IFAD & GOI sponsored Tribal Development Programme, AFPRO New Delhi supported small irrigation project for 1 revenue village. The organization gave its consultancy services to the Govt. of C. G. for preparation of detailed micro-plan of 1 block of Sarguja district under Chhattisgarh District Poverty Reduction Programme. At present, the organization is working with CASA New Delhi, CAPART New Delhi and Govt. of C.G. under SGSY programme.

The organization has changed the picture of the area where the organization worked. Especially with the watershed projects, the organization could achieve the extent of reputation and credibility in the area and the social sector too. About 15 to 40 ft. of increasing in water table has been achieved by the organization with the different watershed projects. The set model of watershed project has become now a subject of study & research to the students and others. Several teams visit the organization every year to see the impact and changes after watershed interventions. The district administration including District Collector, Upper Collector, C.E.O. Zila Panchayat and other govt. officials appreciate the contribution of the organization.

Vision and Mission

It’s vision is to accomplish equitable and sustainable development of rural masses.

It’s mission is to act in a manner so as to bring about gram swaraj in whole of Chhattisgarh State.

Geographical coverage

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Areas of Expertise

The organization keeps its specialization in Watershed Development & Management, Technical support, monitoring & SWOT analysis, advocacy, community mobilization, PRA & micro planning, consultancy, capacity building, education and awareness, research and documentation etc.

Legal Status

SGVS is registered under M.P. Societies Registration Act 1973 in the year 1991 registration number is 25269-dated 20/03/1991

SGVS is registered under:

  • Section 12 A of Income Tax Act
  • Section 80 G of Income Tax Act
  • FCRA No.- 327540019

Field Units/Offices

  • Rajkheta, Wadrafnagar (Head Quarter of the organization)
  • Kusmi (Field Office)
  • Barahnagar (Field Office)

Target Group Addressed

Sarguja Gramin Vikas Sansthan from the beginning is working between the tribal communities that are persecuted and mostly depend on the natural resources for their survival.